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I've been doing massage therapy for over 11 years now and I've never found a such incredible products! "Ice" is a favorite for a lot of my clients because it really helps to ease their muscle tension while offering quite the amazing Aroma! The "fire" product is amazing post massage work to penetrate deep Into my achy hands and relieve tension! I love these products!!  Linnea Holm Tullis —  5 Stars


I got sick and it hit me hard out of no where. Within an hour of taking some tinctures I was getting the sick out of my system and already feeling better! Thank you so much for this! - Jessica Elledge -- 5 Stars


I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. 

Details of the Recommendation: "I began working with Midnight Garden this year. Midnight Garden was recommended by a close friend who had been working with Astrid , the owner, and was seeing a difference in her life.
Astrid is the utmost professional, when one thinks of Energy Healer or Spiritual Healer, one tends to be skeptical. From the first consultation until today, she has broken down patterns of thinking which were hindering me from re-inventing myself and confidence. Not with confidence but and confidence. She has motivated me to be confident and open my mind to limitless possibilities, during a horrible time where I had no answers.
I have become much more aware about how I "look" at situations, think and words I use during challenging situations/relationships.
By no means is Astrid a "tell you what you want to hear", she is an extremely strong force and expects her clients to strive to be the same. As I have explained to others; it is like going through "emotional/energy boot camp". Astrid may be tough but in the most caring and beyond loyal way. She is exactly like the General who leads the troops but will take a bullet for them, there is in no way, any doubt she will "hold your hand through hell" and get you through the to the other side in the light.
During these times and especially recently, with all honesty and beyond truth, I could not have made it without her guidance and support. No way!
This is not a co-dependency relationship, quite the contrary. When you need the co-dependency at first because "things" do not change over night it takes a HELL of a lot of work but she is there, dependable, straight forward and "has your back".
I had the preconceived notion "Healers" were a hoax, not anymore. I would recommend her for any individual who cannot get out of a rut, a company, a family, anyone who needs "help"."
Service Category: Healer
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
- Janice Holmes    5 -- Stars


I have been congested the past few days and was gifted some Dragon Belly Rub. I must say this product is fantastic! This is a must have product to keep in your home! It will absolutely be replacing the Vicks Vapor Rub!    - Emily -- 5 Stars


I have been an EMT for just over 4 years now and have had extensive experience with injury’s and ailments of many kinds. Recently I had a bit of a mishap and required six stitches in my hand. Due to the placement and depth of the laceration I was concerned that I would lose a substantial amount of strength and mobility in my hand. Not only Was I provided the best moisturizing anti-microbial save but a second application for after the wound had closed to help promote mussel growth. Both of these worked better than anything I have used previously and shortened healing time dramatically (refer to my opening statement). There are no better medicinal compounds I am convinced! Not to mention the devotion to the craft and empathy shown to me. Thank you again!  - AB  -- 5 Stars