Oats Milk and Honey

Oats Milk and Honey

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Oats Milk n' Honey:

A blend of GF organic oat flour, goat milk, honey, and just a tad bit of vanilla extract. It's an oatmeal cookie or at least it sure smells like it!
** This is a great option for those of you with sensitive skin.

All of our soap has a basic recipe then we mix it up from there so each bar will contain the following: Beeswax or Carnuba for Vegan Customers, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Castor oil, and Lye (Sodium Hydroxide). Each Bar weighs 4+ oz

 After that, each variation will have its own mix of additional oils, botanicals, essential oils, sustainably sourced micas, bio glitters and/or fragrance oils. 

Samples available with purchase, if have one you specifically would like to try let us know during your purchase. Otherwise, for any 3+ bar purchase samples are always included. You also get to enjoy 10% off any 3+ bar purchase, this shows up at Checkout!!

** Legend**

  • Essential Oils Only*
  • Fragrance Oils**
  • Mica-M
  • Bio-glitter-BG
  • Vegan-V