Labradorite Palm
Labradorite Palm

Labradorite Palm

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Keywords:  Protection, Intuition, Transformation, Knowledge, Ascension, Higher Consciousness, Empowerment, Heals, Energizes, Protects

Energetic Attributes: Useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance, Balances and protects the aura. Raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies, Banishes fear and insecurities, Stimulates the imagination, Calms an overactive mind & Strengthens faith in the self & trust in the universe.

Miscellaneous Attributes: Chakra--Crown, Third Eye & Throat,  Astrol--Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius, Element--Water, Planet--Uranus,  Mohs--6-6.5

All of our palms range from 2"-3.5" in size and vary in weight depending on the material of the palm stone. These images are stock photos. With all things in nature, your new stone is unique and will vary slightly in size and color from the ones you see here.