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Perfume Bottle

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Keywords: Communication, Clarity, Confidence, Balanced energies, Emotional healing, Strength

Energetic Attributes: Stone of nurturing, Helps with oppressive feelings, Freedom, and clarity, Enhances tolerance, trust, and insight by providing understanding, Helps learns patience, instills responsibility & staves off procrastination. 

Miscellaneous Attributes: Chakra--Throat,  Astrol--All, Element-- Water & StormPlanet--Sun & Earth, Mohs--3.5



Keywords: Manifestation, Aura Cleansing, Strength Psychic Abilities, Enhance Intuition, Relaxation and Self-Discovery, Peace and Serenity, Increase Sensitivity to Higher Realm, Protection, Meditation, Calming

Energetic Attributes: Promotes relaxation, helps gain wisdom, encourages peace of mind, enhances intuition and physical vision, cleanses the aura, it's a strong protection stone, helps a stressed and overstimulated mind

Miscellaneous Attributes:  Chakra--Third Eye,  Astrol--Virgo, Capricorn & Pisces, Element--Air Planet--Uranus  Mohs--7


Keywords: Strength, Courage, Abundance, Wealth, New Beginnings, Optimism, Creativity, Communication

Energetic Attributes: Attracts wealth and prosperity, Encourages a sense of tranquility and emotional balance, Helps with overwhelming emotions & Uplifting and soothing for the mind, body, and soul. 

Miscellaneous Attributes: Chakra--Crown, Heart & Root,  Astrol--Virgo & Gemini, Element--Earth, Planet--Mercury, Mohs--7


Keywords: Protection, Healing, Forgiveness, Grief, Sorrow, Communication, Purification, Transformation, Fulfillment, Metamorphosis, Manifestation, Practicality, Truth

Energetic Attributes: Cleanses the Spirit, Draws out negativity, Protection from negativity, Assists with forgiveness, Lends support in times of struggle & Assists in clarifying issues and gaining insight. 

Miscellaneous Attributes:  Chakra--Root,  Astrol--Scorpio & Sagittarius, Element--Earth & Fire, Planet--Pluto & Saturn, Mohs--5-6 


Keywords: Purifying, Love, Soulmates, Harmony, Balance, Peace, Gratitude, Communication

Energetic Attributes: Promotes Love, Enhances Communication, Purification, Protective stone, Aura cleansing, Purifies negative energies, Enhances sense of self-importance, Promotes recognition with creativity & Encourages positive energies, and Releases negative energies.

Miscellaneous Attributes: Chakra--Heart,  Astrol--Libra & Aries, Element--Fire, Planet--Saturn, Mohs--7