REC Intention Sprays


We had some issues with the current spray tops, we think we have replaced all the problem ones, as an acknowledgment and disclaimer all current stock of REC Intention sprays will be 50% off the regular price of $16/2oz.  **Additional storage tips are to store your mica sprays on their sides. 

All of our intention sprays start of with full moon and reiki charged waters 2oz spray bottles  (unless specified otherwise).

We then add crystals herbs, special spell or intention components and mica to create a room or body (not directly on skin) spray to concentrate or anoint you / your space or your tools for your specific intentions!

**Hnoss’s Blessing - Self love, healing, confi - Rose gold

**Ullr’s House Rules - You make your fortune - Green n Gold

**Mani’s Shine - Full moon blessings and lunar energies - Indigo iridescent

**Mani’s Shadow - New moon blessings with New moon charged water - Darkest indigo silver

**Sunna’s Grace - Sunshine, summer meadow and happiness - Golden Amber

**Seidr Draught - Intuition and knowing - Purple red 

**Norn’s Skein - Connection to path and purpose - Teal green iridescent

 **Mjollnir’s Challenge - Strength Fortitude and Pure of Heart - Red and gold

**Gungnir’s Bite - Protection, Banishing, Cutting - Black and Gunmetal

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