2 Inch Skulls
2 Inch Skulls
2 Inch Skulls
2 Inch Skulls
2 Inch Skulls
2 Inch Skulls
2 Inch Skulls
2 Inch Skulls

2 Inch Skulls

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Keywords: Calming, Balance, Awareness, Transition

Energetic Attributes: Inducing calm, enhances self-love& optimism, soothes anger, encourages independence, helps with dream recall.

Miscellaneous Attributes:  Chakra-Third Eye & Crown, Astrol-Libra & Capricorn, Element-Earth Planet-Jupiter & Neptune, Mohs-2.5-4


Keywords: Protection, Healing, Forgiveness, Grief, Sorrow, Communication, Purification, Transformation, Fulfillment, Metamorphosis, Manifestation, Practicality, Truth

Energetic Attributes: Cleanses the Spirit, Draws out negativity, Protection from negativity, Assists with forgiveness, Lends support in times of struggle & Assists in clarifying issues and gaining insight. 

Miscellaneous Attributes:  Chakra--Root,  Astrol--Scorpio & Sagittarius, Element--Earth & Fire, Planet--Pluto & Saturn, Mohs--5-6

Clear Quartz

Keywords: Clarity, Healing, Cleansing, Personal-Growth, Decision Making

Energetic Attributes:  Helps aid in concentration, is useful in harmonizing & balancing, helps enhance mental abilities, enhances energy & enhances relaxation

Miscellaneous Attributes:  Chakra-All, Astrol-All, Element-All, Planet-Sun, Mohs- 7

Rose Quartz

Keywords: Love, Compassion, Self-Esteem, Forgiveness, Self-Esteem

Energetic Attributes:  Promotes self-love, helps attract love, raises self-confidence, helps release tension and stress & dissolves boundaries of isolation & mistrust.

Miscellaneous Attributes:  Chakra-Heart, Astrol-Libra, Taurus, Aries & Scorpio, Element-Earth & Water, Planet-Venus, Mohs- 7

Green Aventurine

Keywords: Creativity, Imagination, Prosperity, Abundance, Independence, Career Success, Leadership, Opportunity, Calm, Balance

Energetic Attributes: Helps dissolve stress, helps promote prosperity, helps soothe and balance the emotional body for inner harmony, quiets a busy min, diffuses negative emotions & Calms anxiety, anger & irritation.

Miscellaneous Attributes:  Chakra-Heart, Astrol-Aries, Libra & Virgo, Element-Earth, Planet-Mercury, Mohs-7

Our skulls are carved individually by hand, these are stock photos. We have done our best to capture the details and specifics of each range of items. However, as with all things in nature, your new stone is unique and will vary slightly in person from the pictures you see here.