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Acacia Wood bowl

Acacia Wood bowl

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Acacia Wood

Keywords: Integrity, Spiritual, Authority, Confidence, Communication, Protection, Meditation, Power

Metaphysical Properties: Increases integrity, authority, and confidence, Encourages courage to take the next step in your spiritual journey& can help with communication with the higher realm and the after life. Acacia wood has been used for centuries and was particularly special to the ancient Egyptians. It's lore includes -the stern of the celestial boat of Ra was made of Acacia wood & it was also sacred to the Goddess Isis. The ancient Egyptians used the Nile Acacia for enlightenment and talking to the gods. Their spiritual guide was not Hathor or Isis, but Osiris. Osiris was the first god to be born from under the Acacia tree, in their beliefs, and all else followed. The legend remains today that the spirit of Osiris is in every Acacia tree on the Nile. 


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Square 4” bowl $5

Rectangle 6”bowl $8