REC Cleansing & Charging Salt Blend


Salt has been used for centuries and by almost every culture on the planet as a cleansing and protection tool.

In our custom house blend, we mix 6 herbs and tree woods with 6 different kinds of salt from all around the globe to honor many traditions and regional cultures.

Creating a calming and balancing aroma and energy to act as an energy filter for not just your crystals and magickal tools but for daily used items such as car keys, house keys, your wallet even.

To Use: pour or scoop salt blend into a dish or cotton bag, place in a corner of a well-used room or by your alter or most used door. Place items you want to be cleansed either on the salt or on the pouch filled with salt. If you are concerned about scratching softer crystals or items you can always place them on top of a cloth or in a pouch and then lay them on the salt. 

**Please inquire about allergy concerns of ingredients.

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