Kunzite Tumble

Kunzite Tumble

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Keywords: Love and relationships, Creativity, Intuition, Clarity, Meditation, Enlightenment, Peace of Mind, Stress-Relief

Energetic Attributes: Opens the heart and makes it act as a vacuum, allowing for all different types of love to get sucked in, Love for humanity, nature, animals, and Earth consume the user's heart unlocking Divine Love, grants kindness, gentleness, and self-worth, unleashing positivity from within, outwards & helps to alleviate stress and negative emotions.

Miscellaneous Attributes:  Chakra--Heart Astrol--Taurus, Leo & Scorpio, Element--Water, Planet--Venus & Pluto, Mohs--6.5-7

All of our tumbles are approx. 1" in size, these images are stock photos. With all things in nature, your new stone is unique and will vary slightly in size and color from the ones you see here. Your stone will be intuitively chosen by a member of our staff.