MGA Luxy Bath & Spa

Bath Teas, Milk Bath, Salt Soaks, Bath Melts, Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers and Bubble Truffles.

Use these blends of combined essential oils, fragrance oils , mineral-rich  salts, skin nurturing butters and oils as well as a generous splash of creators passion for a relaxing and healing bath.

The salts are believed to draw out toxins from the body, re-mineralize and soften skin. The essential oils cover many potential benefits, anti-aging, toning, anti-acne, heat penetration for muscle relaxation, the aromatherapeutic value of scents that make us feel good are very underrated!

Sooth your tired soul by pampering the skin it's in  ;) 

Bath teas: Are just that tea for your skin, herbal bends to create a mood of need whether it's a calm and restorative or an energizing pick me up, Deep soothing relief for sore muscles or a cough and cold. We can teleport your mind and soul to your needs. 

Salt Soak Base Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, Sea salt, Epsom salts, Sodium bicarbonate. 

Milk Baths: Are typically coconut milk or butter milk added to either a bath tea or salt soak for added nourishing.

**** Coming Soon****

Bath Melts: Typically a European thing, are a firm emulsified (so your tub is slippery as ice after) dollop of oils and butters with EO's / FO's to give you just that little bit of goodness and moisturizing in your bath. 

Bath Bombs: I think we all know what a bath bomb is these days, but just in case. These glorious balls of fizzy, scented mineral goodness are just what the dr. ordered on a tough day. A little whimsy and a lot of bath luxury. 

Bubble Truffles: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Truffles! Moisturizing goodness! Little truffles of foaming, bubbling treats for all you stressed, tired and socially deprived adventurers!

Shower Steamers:  Disks of vapor goodness to bring on, cough and congestion relief, mixed with essential oils to boost their rejuvenating benefits and turn your shower in to an intoxicating spa experience.