Shungite Tumble
Shungite Tumble

Shungite Tumble

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Keywords: Strength, Clarity, Protection, Clearing, Cleansing & Eliminating Toxins

Energetic Attributes: Used to detoxify the body and rid the mind of negativity while contributing as an aura cleanser, Useful for people with difficult and uncontrollable emotions, Allows for light to fill the body and negativity to be removed & Having any form of it on you will greatly increase your protective shield. 

Miscellaneous Attributes:  Chakra--All, Astrol-- Scorpio, Capricorn & Cancer, Element--Fire, Wind & Storm, Planet-- Saturn, Mohs--4

All of our tumbles are approx. 1" in size, these images are stock photos. With all things in nature, your new stone is unique and will vary slightly in size and color from the ones you see here.