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Working with an Herbalist

Working with an herbalist may be a very different health care experience compared to working with other practitioners, especially medical doctors.  Herbalists tend to work within the framework of holism.  Herbalists aren’t so quick to reduce the body into microscopic and isolated parts.  They tend to look at the interconnectedness of the body and mind and how individual body systems interrelate and influence each other.  Herbalists see a disorder as the result of imbalances in the body and rather than treat only the symptoms they might dig a little deeper to attempt to discover the underlying cause of the illness. 

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Herby Cleaning part 2 All purpose Cleaners +

This is Part 2 of the recipe low down, on frugally herbally fun DIY cleaners to keep you, your family and your home happy healthy and clean: Dish Washer Detergent: A SIMPLE RECIPE & MAKING OF A BATCH Each batch yields 20 ounces of resulting product which you should store in some type of container you were going to dispose of.  I suggest something 1 gallon size or smaller so you can fit it under your kitchen sink; old coffee cans work great.  Feel free to double the batch, or multiply it accordingly to create any amount you’d like.  Into a 32 ounce container – add 1 cup of borax: Add 1 cup of washing soda: Add 1/2 cup of citric acid (double for...

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Frugally herbally Household cleaning - Part one Laundry!

So I asked and you all said you wanted me to post about my household cleaners that I make to clean me and my home clean in a frugal & herbalishous fashion!!!!   This first installment is going to be on Laundry.  I have members of my family that have very sensitive skin and store bought detergent was a problem, I was also running a house of 9 so TONS of laundry and it was so expensive. I was perusing craigslist and saw an add for homemade detergent for $10 for five gallons well holy smokes I as pretty sure I had hit the jackpot!!!   So I ordered some right away, it was ok, it worked not super well,...

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