What is an Herbal Tincture? And How to Use it.

A tincture (or herbal extract) is made by steeping the fresh or dried herbs (the marc) in a solution of food grade alcohol and or Glycerin (the menstruum) for at least six weeks before pressing/straining it. The alcohol, extracts both the oil based medicinal properties of the herb as well as the water based properties, it also serves as a preservative, giving a tincture a shelf life of at least 8-10 years when stored away from heat and light. 

Our tinctures are made in food grade and/or organic alcohol and steeped in small hand mixed batches, assuring an artisan consistency and higher quality tincture. 

The many advantages of tinctures over other forms of herbal medicine are that they are concentrated, easy to take, quickly absorbed /Bio available, have no fillers or random other ingredients and they have a very long shelf life.  

Herbal tinctures are herb extracts often suspended in alcohol. If you have concerns about alcohol consumption, please follow these instructions:

Before each dose: 1. Boil some water 2. Measure tincture dose into a glass 3. Pour ¼ cup of boiling water into glass with tincture. 4. Allow tincture and water mixture to cool, and take dosage as usual.

It is important to know how to use a tincture so here are some guidelines:  

One eyedropper full consists of 25 drops  [one squeeze of the eyedropper bulb.]

The glass bulb will only be full about 1 inch 

For Best Results:  Be consistent:  Too often we forget and/or stop taking it as soon as we start feeling better. Although one missed dosage will not make a big difference, it may slow down your healing/recovery time. I like to leave my tinctures somewhere I will see them every day to remind myself to take them.


How to Use a Tincture for Children

 Children take their tinctures readily when they are served in a small cup or glass with an easy chaser is added.


DOSING GUIDELINES FOR HERBAL TINCTURES  Tinctures can be taken in accordance to “body weight”. For every 50 pounds of body weight – take one dropper full of tincture. If for some reason you should skip a dose simply double the next dose.  

The general guideline is as follows:   

30 pounds = 15 * DROPS  two times daily   *Drops NOT droppers full

50 pounds = 1 Dropper full two times daily  ** Always start here and work your way up to your body weight**

100 pounds = 2 Droppers full two times daily

150 pounds = 3 Droppers full two times daily ** So on and So forth**


For autoimmune disorders it is recommended to double your doses for the first week of your treatment.          

* Herbal tinctures can be taken with or without food; because it is in tincture form it is absorbed quickly into the blood stream.   Sometimes it is appropriate to add a midday dose.  Your tincture should be thought of, and used like a nutritional supplement.

If you have any concerns or questions about your herbal tincture or their use with medications, please ask your doctor or medical professional. 



I am not nor do I claim to be a Medical Doctor, nor am I licensed to practice medicine in any state. My training is in natural health and healing, proper diet and the use of herbs and other natural methods to assist the body's natural ability to heal itself. Herbalists do not prescribe medications but rather make suggestions by which you can help your body regain balance and achieve healing. This knowledge should be used in conjunction with but not instead of proper conventional medical care and treatment.

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